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Description Added by the RANDEX.E WORM! i don't know enough about computers to fix this on my own. nate This process manages security-related interactions, such as logon and logoff requests, locking or unlocking the machine, changing the password, and the remote registry service. if it's on a flash stick or external hard drive, chances are that it's a malicious application.)Source - Owner of a PC Repair shop.

If it is not in C:\Windows\System32, it is a virus, and if it is not Winlogon.exe, but something similar, it is a virus. If winlogin.exe is located in a subfolder of C:\Windows\System32, the security rating is 92% dangerous. I looked around online to fix the problem and found this. Mary It's your Windows (example, Windows 7) login program!

When I right-click > "Property", nothing happens neither! It also affected my Windows Update. You **can** have two (or more I suspect) copies of the REAL winlogon.exe running simultaneously if you use 'Fast User Switching' and thus can have more than one user 'logged in'.

I went to the C/windows folder where it was located now and deleted 3/5 of the files. When I righ(click to end the process I have a message: The operation could not be completed. So, what is the truth ? Good or bad?

Two days trying to get SP2 to install, on completion winlogon uses 99% of CPU. But a trojan or virus easily can attach itself with winlogon.exe Awais M. If it is safe, why the right-click menus are unavailable? Indeed, in this case I can access its location (System32) and Properties (Company Microsoft...).

None of the right-clcik menu is available except "end process" which is impossible too! Arnold Alejo Nunag (Age:9) (B.D.:10/16) it shuts down my laptop as many times as i type win, windows, or every word that has (win) in it. Robert This is the Windows NT logon utility that manages user logons and logoffs. Some viruses can modify winlogon, but asfar as I am concerned, winlogon is a critical process.

My computer always gets the blue screen of death!!!!!!!! I finally got ccleaner to remove it, but now I get an error that it can't be found at login. My guess is that they are also harmless. will not be held responsible if changes you make cause a system failure.

How to know where is it located? All Rights Reserved Tom's Hardware Guide ™ Ad choices Security Task Manager Windows Processes Security Task Manager What is winlogon.exe? Can't find your answer ? Any others need to be deleted.

Name Microsoft Service Login Manager Filename winlogin.exe Command winlogin.exe Description A variant of the IRCBot family of worms and IRC backdoor Trojans. gord ok i have one thats windows NT logon app... See also: Link TheGMan I am also showing the file link to be \??\D:\\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exe with a Name called Process ID 1900. See also: Link ozan It is an essential process for the Windows subsystem.

Mr.X occupies 99 percent of CPU resources thereby making the computer virtually unusable. How To: Rotate the Display on Linux, Mac, & Windows Computers How To: Create a Bootable USB Drive for Ubuntu Using Mac or Windows How To: Remove the Shortcut Virus from DON'T try to remove it!

My current problem is windowsxp will not boot all the way trough and restarts after the blue error screen comes up.

I just removed 2 items from a corporate pc at my company. You don't need to tinker with it.If you're worried that it's actually affected my rogueware, you can run this file from Microsoft ( to check out if there are any rogue When I right-click to look up for its location, nothing happens! but there are a Trojan mimmic file out the that can be dangerous...

This allows you to repair the operating system without losing data. Mine was in a folder called C:\WINDOWS\inet20010\win~ Run Prevx1 (free download) to get rid of it. Should i consider cpu usage by this exe erratic/problematic? Hardware & Devices Winlogon.exe modify is possible?I don't know if this is where this thread belongs but, when windows starts winlogon.exe starts.

This process is a security risk and should be removed from your system. It creates the desktops for the window station, implements time-out operations, and provides a set of support functions for the GINA. Levi PetersonDec 4, 2013, 8:31 PM calguyhunk said: Hi Sarah, welcome to Tom's.Every running process on Windows can be targeted by malware, that doesn't make the process itself a virus or It creates the desktops for the window station, implements time-out operations, and in versions of Windows prior to Windows Vista, provides a set of support functions for the GINA and takes

TechWizard86 when i click for it properties it dont open and it dont have a user or a description in windows task manager ahmed winlogon.exe Manages Your Logins And Logouts.It Also Did a full scan with Windows Defender and it... In general, this means that the local system will have full access to these objects and that an interactively logged-on user will have read access to the window station object and keith Recently installed ntl netguard antivirus software.

a virus, is named winlogon.exe, you are unable to shut it down via task-manager, like the original winlogon.exe. Hello Sarah,As everyone is saying, that it is a safe process -- yes it is. Trying to find and kill the troublesome file is very difficult. Pearson This thing may or may not be the real deal, since on my machine, it shows up as file location \??\C:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exe.

Means , that my computer started beeping and it removed my desktop pictures... I don't know if it's a virus or trojen, but she's back on the net. it is a very dangerous virus, so try to localise it and delete it, ps: when u search by windows, u cant find it, and when u do alt+ctrl+del u will We strongly recommend that you run a FREE registry scan to identify winlogin.exe related errors.

See also: Link Caue Rego winlogon.exe is a system file that helps in authenticating users using GINA and also implements security Vinit Jain It is neccessary to LOG ON to WINdows.